Membership and Service Advertising Agreement

By acceptance of this agreement, (check-box, “I Agree”), I acknowledge that I am authorized to represent our business / company in this transaction.

We further acknowledge that this is an agreement for Membership and Map placement between  my business and Olympic Culinary Loop (OCL), serving as an advertising and marketing agent for advertising and marketing services.

By agreement of this acknowledgment I pledge to the terms of this agreement sets forth in offer for services  the parties’ rights and responsibilities, including what OCL will produce and deliver on behalf of my company.  I acknowledge that OCL may enter into third party contracts to produce the some of these marketing or advertising materials.

I acknowledge that my Membership & Map placement is a result of my pledge to pay OCL my appropriate fee(s) set-forth in offer

My failure to pay OCL for services may result in litigation seeking collection from my failure to pay.  I further acknowledge and agree that I will agree to comply with court ruling inclusive of reimbursing OCL for any and all court costs associated with my failure to pay my appropriate fees(s) set-forth in this offer

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