Olympic Culinary Loop (OCL) is interested in quotes and qualifications from talented Graphic Designers, able to best communicate our ‘delicious’ Olympic Cuisine through our HUGE 2017 map!

RFP Q&A as of (08262016)

Q1. Why do you describe the Carrier Card as a pending print run?
A1. For the past two years we’ve partnered with Northwest Travel & Life (NWT&L) magazine, inserting the map in one of their spring issues.  Should we choose to again participate in this partnership our map print order size will be on the larger end of the listed range in RFP. And with the inserted map in NWT&L we will also want to have a designed carrier card to “carry” the map in the publication.

Q2. Will the Carrier Card be meant to hold/deliver the printed map brochure? Can you describe how you envision using this piece? I need a bit more information to give you a realistic print quote, especially with regard to die cuts and mailing if needed.
A2. Following the saying “A picture is worth a 1,000 words!”
Typical carrier card. plain white tag-board. Once the attached map or insert is removed, only the blank carrier card remains. Leaving people wondering, “I wonder what was here?”
OCL’s 2016 carrier card in NWT&L side A
OCL’s 2016 carrier card in NWT&L side B

Q2a. What type of paper would be best – thick, inexpensive etc.?
A2a. The carrier card paper stock, and printing, is all provided by the magazine publisher. The OCL bid only calls for carrier card camera ready – full-color – design work and high rez PDF file to be provided. (Physical paper & ink printing requirements of this RFP are limited to Map production portion of this RFP.)

Q3. Will the online member’s data collection element be used to populate the OCL’s website or other pieces or is it only collecting data for use in the 2017 Olympic Peninsula Culinary Map for print and the print at home PDF?
A3. Only collecting data for use in the 2017 Olympic Peninsula Culinary Map.

Q4. If it is used to populate the OCL web site will your web developer be integrating that data stream or will you require us (the designer) to set that up?
A4. N/A as the updates to current web site are done independently of this map RFP. As noted in the RFP, OCL will eventually be seeking website redesign, so while it’s not a requirement of this map RFP, if you’re map data collection method can be leveraged to feed updated content to a web platform, it is recommended that you mention his feature for – future – consideration when OCL reviews map RFP’s.

Q5. I’d assumed the 8” x 9” page spreads would work as-is for printing on 8.5” x 11”. However, please let me know if you would actually want a second pdf version resized/designed specifically for 8.5” x 11”.
A5. Goal is to be able to offer “Print at home” PDF version of map for users downloading. Expectation is that
a) PDF will render correctly on typical 8.5″ x 11″ color printer without lots of user adjustments,
b) PDF file download will be optimized so that it won’t take tons of bandwidth to download.

Q6.  My understanding of the member data collection requirement is that something simple and free such as Google Docs or DropBox would suffice. Or is a more customized/coded solution part of your expectations?
A6. These are both acceptable as long as your recommended solutions give you the method to create, and communicate to OCL members how they can input their listing details

Q7. Will OCL’s provision of content and photography include OCL coordinating with the membership and advertisers to ensure they supply their updated information and images/ad art via the data collection solution within the project timelines?
(I would, of course, provide instructions and technical specifications to help clarify your communications with your members and advertisers.)
A7. Yes. OCL will work with members and advertisers as main interface for you (designer), linking them OCL members and advertisers to your provided instructions and technical specs.

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Goal is for a full-service shop, providing:MapCvrImageTilt+Shadow

  • Administer content collection
  • Conceptualize and Design twenty (20) page 9″ x 4″ saddle stitched bound booklet
  • Design map PDF “print at home” (8.5″ x 11″ format)
  • Design Carrier Card
  • Produce – Print brokerage and coordinate split shipment delivery
  • Project Management – Contribute leadership and meet deadlines of multi phased production schedule.

OCL prefers single source contracting. However, OCL is open to paying Graphic Designer’s subcontractors such as printer or shipper separately.  OCL will consider responses for a less than all elements and phases of this RFP as non-responsive and such bids will not be considered.

Replies of responsive quotes and qualifications are due 5PM (PST) Monday, September 5, 2016

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Additional Questions?